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sophie s. , solon, ohio
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wizzstickers are decals that stick inside your toilet bowl or urinal. wizzstickers are designed with a unique adhesive that allows them to stick under the waterline for months, or they can be applied before your next party and easily removed afterwards.

the exclusive designs on wizzstickers are waterproof, and the special ink is fade-proof and rub-proof.
that's right. as always, when you purchase a wizzsticker or dumpersticker from g. wizzicker's, you get
come visit g. wizzicker at all home ohio state buckeyes football games! he's always at the corner of olentangy river road and lane avenue. open your ears and you'll hear him screaming at anybody who'll listen.
we've started our dumpersticker line with designs for ann arbor, michigan. but don't worry. if you want a dumpersticker for you rival's town, you can create your own for just $1 more. click on "create your own" at the left and click through to the personalized dumperstickers section.
you thought our wizzstickers were great? wait until you see dumperstickers. dumperstickers are 8" x 10.5" decals that stick to the top of your toilet lid or toilet tank using only static cling. you can reuse them, wash them, and move them around to different toilets as much as you want. they're only $11.99 and, of course, come with free shipping, like every other product. they also come in a rigid cardstock mailer to protect them during shipping.